UNIMA’s program at the World Puppet Festival of Charleville-Mézières

UNIMA will be present at the 20th edition of the world festival, which will be held from September 20 to 28, 2019 in the french town.

This is a very special year, both for the festival and for UNIMA. And it is that the World Puppet Festival of Charleville-Mézières reaches its twentieth edition, and will be the place chosen for the official celebration of the 90th anniversary of our organization.

In addition to the anniversary party and the aforementioned exhibition on the history of UNIMA, during the festival we will have talks, shows and other events. The UNIMA program for these days will be as follows. We wait for you!

September 22

Musée de l’Ardenne
11 am. Inauguration of the exhibition: People & Puppets – UNIMA: believing in and creating a common future for puppetry [1929 – 2019] *Invitation needed
From 4pm to 6pm. Conference and round table: UNIMA – a whole story! What about tomorrow? *Invitation needed

Espace Festival
9 pm. UNIMA’s anniversary party, streamed live on social networks, is a birthday evening celebrated through festivity and diversity!

September 23

Espace UNIMA
5 pm. – 6 pm. UNIMA in action: International Festivals Commission.
Presentation of the festival sponsorship program, to raise awareness and promote the wonderful opportunity for young puppeteers to attend international festivals.

September 24

Espace UNIMA
4 pm. – 6 pm. UNIMA in action: Training commission.
Presentation of the project of the Conference on Training in the Arts of Puppetry, the work of the third meeting that took place in May in Florianopolis in Brazil with the participation of more than 20 countries and about 200 participants from all continents, and the next international meeting to be held in China in 2020.

September 25

Espace UNIMA
4 pm. – 6 pm. UNIMA in action: Europe Commission.
Following the artistic spirit of Vladimir Zakharov“, An example of cross-border cooperation: bringing together puppeteers who wanted, developed and followed the art of Russian puppeteer Vladimir Zakharov.
Official presentation of a video of UNIMA Spain Federation + Performance by Juan Luis Clavijo, Sevillian puppeteer. Presentation of the UNIMA Italia exhibition, which will be visible for the entire duration of the Festival at the UNIMA Espace.

September 26

Espace UNIMA
4 pm. – 6 pm. UNIMA in action: 3 Americas Commission
Presentation of a series of documentaries about puppet theater in the Hispanic Caribbean. There are 3 episodes of 50 minutes each, from Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

September 27

Espace UNIMA
11 am. – 1 pm. UNIMA in action: Research Commission.
Presentation of the work of the Research Commission + Presentation and debate on publications, colloquiums and research residences.

September 28

Espace UNIMA
4 pm. – 6 pm. UNIMA in action: Youth Commission.
Presentation of the Commission’s program and results.

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